Welcome to my new website. Im very excited to have a website at last as it means I get to interact with my lovely readers and chat about all things Emily Sparkes!
Something I get asked a lot is how I first got the idea for Emily and whether shes based on a real person. I first thought of writing about Emily when my eldest daughter was in Year Six and seemed to be having friendship fiascos left, right and centre! Then my brother and his wife had a new baby who wouldnt sleep at night. They were so tired they kept falling asleep all over the place. I wondered how it would feel if you had to manage all the friendship fiascos at school and then went home to zombified parents! (I think all parents can be a bit dozy, even if they havent got a new baby to look after, my children are always telling me off for not listening?) So even though Emily is made up, shes made up of lots of real things.

I love writing stories and books, I have done it for a long time – making things up is just the best fun! I also love reading. I have so many books precariously piled up by my bed, waiting for me to read them, its becoming a health and safety issue. I sometimes wish there was another me who could just sit and read all day while the first me did everything else!

I hope you enjoy my website. There’ll be lots of fun things appearing over the next few months, so check back often and don’t forget – have fun not fiascos!

Ruth x