Independent Bookshop Week 2015

Its a chance to show support for some of the amazing local bookshops which, despite pressure from internet giants and big corporate booksellers, still manage to offer a great service to their local community. Whether its story time, book clubs or arranging school visits by childrens writers, independent bookshops offer so much more than book recommendations (although they do a pretty good job of that too!) If you are lucky enough to still have a local bookshop, make sure you value it. This week is the perfect time to pop in and say hello!

I recently visited Chicken and Frog Bookshop in Brentwood. What a fab place! As well as being an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful children’s books, it is also a community hub for all young people who love stories and reading.

They even have their own creative writing group, inspiring writers of the future! We had lots of fun making origami cats, frogs and chickens (Hint: Frogs a really difficult!!) Thanks to Natasha and Jim and Max for being so welcoming!