Book Birthday!

Hooray, Hoorah and Happy day and other things beginning with ‘H’! (Good things obviously, not just ‘hippopotamus’). It’s an Emily Sparkes Book birthday. The fourth book in the series ‘Emily Sparkes and the Backstage Blunder’ comes out today. It’s a story about Emily and a school play – and of course nothing goes to plan!

I was kind of inspired by my memories of being in school plays and also my children. My daughter did have to be a duck once and her only line was ‘quack’ and my son once came home with a letter saying ‘Your child has been chosen to play – a donkey.’ None as bad as my friend’s daughter though, who was chosen to play a tree! Not much scope for improvising? – or even moving, actually. I also got things rather badly wrong in a school play once, when I played the part of a mother whose son was being sent to prison. I was supposed to go up to the judge and wail, ‘Please don’t!’ but I was trying so hard to act distressed I lost concentration on my lines and ended up saying ‘Please, do!’ And yes – the audience did laugh!

I hope you enjoy the latest story. I’d love to hear what you think, so if you do read it, please get in touch.