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  1. FastMIG
    FastMIG says:

    Hello Ruth I m Emily and I m a big fan of your Emily Sparkes books! I wonderd if you are writing a h Emily Sparkes book? because i love them and they are so good! My mum likes them to and we are currently reading the t one together! :-) Thank you for reading my question! Love from Emily xx

    • Ruth Fitzgerald
      Ruth Fitzgerald says:

      Hello Emily (that’s a very good name by the way!).
      I don’t have plans to write any more Emily Sparkes book at the moment. There are four. Have you managed to read them all? There’s also a short story, which you can read for free, on the first page of this website.I’m writing another series of books at the moment – it’s bit secret but it’s also funny, with girls and lots of problems and disasters! I hope you had a lovely fun Christmas and have a great 2019. Keep reading! Love Ruth xx

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